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After the shake-up, it’s time to wake up

The recent surprising election results have given Christians a wonderful opportunity to impact our nation’s culture. Many of us prayed without ceasing in the months leading to the vote, and now is not the time to rest on our laurels. … Continue reading

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The Body Needs CPR

Medical dramas frequently portray doctors striving furiously to save a patient who is “coding” by performing Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation (CPR); compressing the chest and forcing breath into the lungs. When this fails to revive the patient, the last resort is increasingly stronger electrical shocks.  These desperate … Continue reading

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Appeal to Heaven

I’m reading the book, “The Next Great Move of God,” by Jennifer LeClaire and, although I’ve only gotten through the foreword and introduction, I have been stirred and convicted. I’ve learned that George Washington used a banner on his navy … Continue reading

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