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Floss and Pray Daily

I recently had my semi-annual visit to the torture chamber…er, I mean, the dentist’s office, and I’m embarrassed to admit I am practically phobic about dentists. Now, I realize that dental professionals are probably perfectly charming people who only¬†want to … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on stewardship

No, no, don’t run away! This is not a sermonette on tithing, I promise. So often, Christians think a talk about stewardship is synonymous with being harangued to give more money to the church. While tithing is certainly a form … Continue reading

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No Pain/No Gain….Really?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about pacing, the art of adapting actions to circumstances for maximum efficiency. So often we are urged to work through the pain to achieve our goals, but that goes against my observance of the … Continue reading

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