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Merry Christmas!

The Christian church has two supreme holy days set apart for us to recognize God’s sacrificial gift when He stepped into the confines of our human experience and took on the sins of us all by dying an excruciating death for our salvation; two days dedicated to giving thanks for His great mercy and His amazing grace. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays? Season’s Greetings? Merry Christmas!

My daily walk to work takes me through the heart of my hometown and I enjoy keeping up on the changes in the shop windows throughout the year. This year, I noticed the first Christmas display a few weeks before … Continue reading

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“Happy Holidays” v. “Merry Christmas”

My morning walk takes me along a railway. This morning as I crunched along the frozen grass between the tracks and the highway I began to think about the concept of “easements” such as the one I was walking on. … Continue reading

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