A reason to celebrate

Earlier this week our President said that he hoped businesses and public places could begin to open up and our country start to return to normal by Easter. When I heard that I felt a surge of hope followed by the thought, “How cool would that be for everyone in the country to be celebrating together at Easter?”

I could imagine church sanctuaries all across the United States filled to overflowing with joyous worshipers eager to share in celebration at our salvation from the shadow of death hanging over us.

I imagined the advent of an era of unity and peace as, despite our differences, everyone recognized the greater importance of living in harmony with our fellow humans, now that we’ve seen how interconnected we are and how each one’s actions impact those around us.

While envisioning this society based upon gratitude for our rescue, as opposed to our current dog-eat-dog struggle for power, I was struck by a powerful thought; why should anyone need another reason to celebrate Easter, the remembrance of our Lord’s victory over sin and death?

Our Savior’s death and resurrection conquered a much greater threat than the corona virus. Thanks to His substitutionary suffering and death, followed by His victorious return to life, everyone willing to accept this extraordinary gift has the blessing of eternal life free from guilt, suffering, and pain.

Isn’t that enough to fill our houses of worship? Enough to fill every heart with an overflow of gratitude and love?

Whether this current situation ends soon or drags on, I choose to concentrate on the glory to come.

We may be limited to “virtual worship” this Easter, but the promise remains and the celebration will go on.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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