Good for Nothing

The cartoons I watched as a little girl sometimes illustrated the struggle with temptation by using a tiny angel or devil sitting on the character’s shoulder urging him on to goodness or mischief.

As I’ve matured in my faith, I have discovered the presence of some kin of that fictional imp in my own life.  It hovers around my inner ear and, whenever I do something generous, kind, or compassionate, it whispers, “Ooh, that was so nice!”

In my younger days, I failed to recognize the source of these whispers. I actually believed them and even added a little pat on the back of self-congratulation.

Now, I realize that I will have attained a greater level of spiritual maturity, and come that much nearer to being truly nice, when I am finally able to do the kind, generous, or compassionate act without thinking about it, and without the self-praise of that cheerleading ego-imp. In the meantime, I try to respond to those insidious thoughts by comparing my…often grudging… acts of generosity to the true kindness, compassion, and grace shown to me every day.

To be a Christian is to  strive to be like Christ in one’s attitudes and relationships. When I am able to be good for nothing…without looking for praise or reward…I will have come one step closer to that goal.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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