Triumphal Entry

The Christian church celebrates the Sunday before Easter as Palm Sunday, commemorating Christ’s entry into Jerusalem when the crowds met Him waving palm branches, as for a conquering hero’s triumphal entry into the city following a battle.

Palm branchInstead of a mighty warhorse, Jesus chose to ride a donkey, one which had never been ridden. This fulfilled another of the Old Testament prophecies about the long-awaited Messiah, but it also reflected Christ’s humble attitude.

Most of us would respond to such an outpouring of praise with elation and pride in our accomplishments. Christ was unmoved by the shouts of the crowds as He proceeded to follow each step of God’s plan. He was well-aware of the rejection, degradation, and pain to come, yet He did not waiver, because He was absolutely certain of the glorious outcome.

When I experience small triumphs in my own life I am elated, but the very next disappointment can plunge me to the depths of despair. Why should this be when I, too, have absolute certainty of what happened that Glorious Morning over two thousand years ago?

How I wish, in my emotionally fragile moments, I could keep my focus on the truth of my own life’s eternally glorious outcome resulting from Christ’s sacrifice and Resurrection.

Because He lives …



About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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