Pillars of support

I’ve recently begun attending a church whose members are predominantly older Christians.  About one third of the church membership attends the adult Sunday school class.

When the time came for prayers in last Sunday’s class, I was impressed with the prayers of these mature saints for their friends, children and grandchildren scattered across the country and the world. I imagined this same scenario playing out in churches all across America, as senior citizens, many of them struggling with health and financial problems of their own, devoted themselves to praying for loved ones, many of whom never attended a church or prayed for themselves.

A firm believer, from personal experience, in the power of intercessory prayer, I began to wonder how many of the objects of these faithful prayers had been blessed without recognizing the source of their good fortune.

4pillarsborderLongtime active members of a congregation are often referred to, sometimes sarcastically, as the pillars of the church. Perhaps it is time to recognize the truth in that label; many people, well beyond the confines of church walls, are being supported by the prayers of faithful elders such as the ones in my church.

It is my earnest prayer that another generation of devout intercessors is coming along to carry on this good work. If not, God alone knows where we will be.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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  1. Olivia says:

    Some rather specific and impressive answers to prayer. There was a man named Mr. Lee who pleaded with God daily for Him to open up China to the gospel once more. This was before Nixon gained aceess. Our own very tiny denomination now has missionaries there among many other bible believing groups. I am convinced God heard those prayers and answered in that way. He could never have known the impact his prayers made. Across the street from my old church in NY was a high school. The kids did drug deals in the playground, there were rumbles, and it was rough. Two of the kids from church attended there and started praying together for the “bible as literature” teacher who would rip into and humiliate anyone who showed the least interest in spiritual things. The Lord converted a jewish young woman in business, thrust her into that school without formal teacher’s training, (becuse they were hard pressed to find teachers who would take a job in such a rough school) and gave her the job of teaching bible as literature. She had a huge impact on the students there. So the lesson is, whether young or old, keep praying.

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