Failure and Restoration

Not too long ago I completed a copy editing project (180 Days of Making) about the Maker Movement for a friend who is an education consultant.making

Copy editors don’t need to know much about the subjects being covered; we simply try to get the words of the experts presented in a pleasing manner on the page. However, we can’t avoid absorbing some knowledge in the process.

A couple of pieces of info which stuck in my mind like burrs on my  socks, were the Maker concepts of failure and restoration.  In a Maker Space, failure is approached from the scientific perspective, where each experiment’s failure is simply another step closer to achieving the desired result.  This frees up the student to try new things without fear of failure and the Maker Space becomes a safe place to grow.  A successful Maker environment also includes times of restoration for rest and reflection after periods of intense mental or physical exertion. This reinforces the lessons learned and prevents burn-out.

It occurred to me when considering these aspects that they could also apply to my faith walk. As a fallible mortal, I am well acquainted with the shame and disappointment of failing my God. Too often I let the prospect of another failure keep me from stepping out in faith to greater obedience to His high standards and, in so doing, block my spiritual growth.

If I take a few moments following my failures to see the blessings and lessons, and identify the temptations I succumbed to, these times of restoration and reflection may refresh my spirit and give me wisdom for the future.

Our God is the original Maker, which means we are living in a vast Maker Space where we are free to create a life which glorifies Him.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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  1. Michelle Carlson says:

    So very much love to you my friend! You are amazing and I hope that your messages reach and offer peace to many, many people in this world! ❤️

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