Immeasurable truths found in small things

The inspiration for many of my blog posts comes to me during my morning walks, but I don’t always recognize it when it comes. That happened to me this morning, and through my experience I learned two important lessons.

Today I decided to vary my pace, speed walking for a few blocks, then slowing down before speeding up again, etc., and tried to think of the word to describe this type of exercise. As happens all too frequently these days, I couldn’t think of exactly the right word. I couldn’t remember the phrase interval training, but I could think of words with similar meanings, such as periodic. I pictured my brain as a computer, working hard to analyze and return search results, but with a bug in the works. We sometimes marvel at what computers can do, but seldom stop to consider the infinitely greater capacity of the human brain. While I had a temporary mental block for the exact word (probably due to worn out circuits), my brain recalled a wide variety of synonyms, pulling them up from a maze of memories and experiences created over more than half a century.  That’s pretty impressive.brain

No one will ever convince me that such a marvel as human consciousness could have created itself from a series of random accidents.

Everything in creation contains a clue to the Creator. Like any great artist, He signed His work. People who are ignorant of  the world of art may fail to recognize a great master’s name in the corner of a painting, but the experts can recognize the artist, even without a signature.

By the time I sat down at my desk I’d forgotten these insights from my walk, so I turned to my Bible for inspiration and stumbled upon Luke 19:40, Christ’s reference to the stones crying out, and my earlier inspiration came flooding back.

Today’s lessons:

  1. Study the Master to recognize His work.
  2. God reveals Himself in His Word.



About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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1 Response to Immeasurable truths found in small things

  1. Olivia says:

    Being an amateur birder, I’m struck by the same thoughts often. Order, beauty, variety are so evident in everything God made. Who but God, could have made something as crazy wonderful as a Yellow Shafted Flicker?


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