Even today, God is in control

Everything is different since the Paris attacks, and yet, everything is the same.

When horrors strike we experience a feeling of unreality. This cannot be happening. Once we absorb the facts, we feel the urge to react, to do something.  I suppose that is a remnant of the flight or fight response. As time passes, our more immediate concerns overshadow the life-changing event, but it pops back into our consciousness without warning and the cycle repeats itself in ever-diminishing intensity.

Life goes on, although the feelings of frustration, powerlessness and low-level fear often remain.

As Christians, we always have the ability to “do something,” no matter how great or how remote the tragedy: we can acknowledge that God is still in control of the situation, and we can pray.

The call went out recently to, “Pray for Paris.” That was exactly the right thing to do.

When we are in a position to act to help those in crisis, we should be the Good Samaritan, but when such hands-on assistance is beyond us, we can and should pray. Praying isn’t just “all we can do” in such an instance. Prayer should never be the last resort.

God is in control. We are to pray without ceasing. He hears and honors our prayers.

If you feel the need to “do something” about the situations and insanity in today’s world, I would love to have you join your prayers with mine today:



About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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