Be still and know…

This week I retired  from my job with the Department of Education to devote myself to my family and my writing.

Suddenly, I am free to set my own priorities and schedules without the rigid demands of a full-time job.  Yipee!

However, with great freedom comes greater responsibility. I want to use this gift wisely and not merely fritter away my glorious opportunity.rocker

I’m only a couple of days into the new adventure, but I’ve already learned my first lesson: I’ve spent so many years multi-tasking to fit everything I need to do into the hours outside the office, I have forgotten how to slow down.

Turning to the Bible for guidance, my eyes fell immediately to the instruction in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Taking that to heart, I’ve set aside time on my new daily schedule (I’m not about to give up my to-do lists, cold turkey!) to empty my mind of tasks, goals and worries, and to just be still, so I am open to the Lord’s leading.

After these moments of peace, the day ahead reveals itself with all its glorious opportunities.  My anxiety dissipates and I am free.



About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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