Pray for our Country

Like many Christians, I include prayers for wisdom, courage and strength in my daily petitions. After this morning’s experiences I plan to pray for wisdom for this whole country.

I went to the local discount store this morning and as I was walking across the parking lot a very heavy-set young man walked by wearing a tee shirt with the slogan, “Hard work pays off tomorrow, laziness pays off today.” I’m sure the people who sell this shirt think it is a clever saying, but the obviously out-of-shape young man didn’t recognize that he was merely underscoring his own lifestyle. Delayed gratification, working hard for future rewards, is a mark of maturity and self-discipline. Laziness is settling for immediate comfort or pleasure with no thought of the consequences. For an overweight, ill-groomed, flabby man to brandish this slogan is not an act of irony, but a declaration of a life pattern.

While in the check-out line I overheard a conversation behind me between two middle-aged shoppers about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The woman commented that Hillary would do anything to get elected, no matter what lies she had to tell. Her companion replied, “I don’t care. I’m going to vote for her anyway, just to see what will happen.”

I was appalled that a seemingly mature adult would have such a frivolous attitude about a possible leader of our country during such perilous times.  This was a close-up and personal encounter with the famous “low-information voter” we hear so much about.

I assumed this man is as lax about his spiritual life as he is about his responsibilities as a citizen. How many more people just like him will be going to the polls in 2016? MP900178785Mandatory voting would only add to the numbers of voters checking the boxes, just “to see what might happen.”

There are way too many people like these two men in our country today, people living for the amusement of the moment, never looking beyond today.

Please join me in adding our country’s future to your daily prayer list. Whatever your theological or political persuasion, you must feel as I do that these are vital matters, never to be taken lightly.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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