Are you a beautiful bride?

My middle son is engaged to be married next year. When he and his fiance are together, the love shines so brightly everyone feels the glow and the future bride has a radiance that makes her even more beautiful.

bride & groomI think we’ve all seen the transformative power of new love. When we fall in love, the world becomes brighter and more exciting. We want to share the wonderful feeling with everyone we meet, but especially with the loved one. When this love leads to an engagement, the bride-to-be is often consumed with plans for the wedding and life beyond with her beloved.

The Bible speaks of the Church as the bride of Christ. Many of the Bible’s  parables and prophecies can only be fully understood in light of this relationship.

The Church referred to is not a building, a denomination, nor a congregation. The Church is each of us who loves Christ. We are all, individually, as well as collectively, his bride-to-be.

We don’t know the date our groom has chosen for the wedding, but we should be occupied with our preparations. When the glorious event happens, we will be joined with him forever, not just ’til death do us part…there will be no more death.

If we believers begin to act more like lovers approaching a wedding, all the events of our lives will take on new meaning, as we see everything through love and eager anticipation.

How much more joyous is Christmas when it becomes the personal celebration of the birth of our beloved?

Best wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a beautiful wedding day!

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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