It’s a Miracle

I am currently reading Eric Metaxas’s new book, MIRACLES, and I recommend it highly. Of course, he speaks my language; a blend of faith, science and logic which touches my soul. If you appreciate such a style in Christian apologetics, this is the book for you, too.

miraclesThe New York Times bestselling author is not simply writing  a compilation of modern day miracles, but is defining and explaining the very nature and history of miracles.

He uses the Greek word for miracle, simaios, or sign, to offer the definition of a miracle as a sign from God.

A miracle is God, who exists outside time and space, reaching into this finite realm of his creation as a sign pointing to himself.

As I began reading, the first passage I was compelled to highlight was in his section on the meaning behind miracles where he says, like the proverbial tree falling soundlessly in the forest, if a miracle happens and there’s no one around to see it, it isn’t a miracle.

A miracle from God will always point those who see it to God himself. That is the point of miracles.  While we may choose to rationalize the seemingly inexplicable event as coincidence, or a trick of our senses, if it is compatible with what the Bible teaches of God’s nature, we must ask ourselves what God might be trying to tell us with this sign.

Mataxas points out the first of God’s miracles is creation of all that exists. This puts all other miraculous events into perspective.

This book affirms and underscores the growing scientific proofs for God’s creation of the universe and touches upon many aspects of faith beyond a consideration of miracles. It is a tool for evangelism as well as for strengthening the faith of believers.

I am certain I will be reading, re-reading and referring to these chapters for many years to come.



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I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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  1. Jacque says:

    I’m adding this to my wish list! Thanks for the review.


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