Don’t let the busy-ness of fall weigh too heavily upon you

September will be a busy month for me.too busy

We are wrapping up the fiscal year at my day job and I’m working on a couple of personal writing projects, as well.

I’ve been invited to provide Leadership training at the Idaho AB Women’s Ministries weekend retreat on the third weekend of the month and I fly to Italy for two weeks the following Saturday.

It’s tempting to eliminate self-care and devotional times with God when I get too busy, but this is exactly when I need them the most.

Without constant refills, a vessel soon empties.

The only inexhaustible source is God.

We need to return to the source to be refilled even more often in the times when we are pouring ourselves out, and without proper care and maintenance a vessel may become cracked and useless, just as a person can become sick and too worn out to serve.

While it is certainly bible study grouppossible to spend too much time on your own needs, as long as at least an equal amount of energy goes into your spiritual pampering, a healthy balance should result.

I’m blocking out time on my calendar for regular visits to my refilling stations this month in the hope this will enable me to give of my very best for those who are relying on me.


About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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