After the melting pot

ABWM_Logo_Eng_300The American Baptist Churches of the USA is  a purposely multi-cultural denomination. At the recent annual meeting of the women’s ministry of the ABC-USA it was announced that there is no longer any majority ethnicity in this organization.

Taken in light of recent news stories noting the schisms in countries around the globe resulting from failure of the various ethnicities within their borders, whether native or immigrant,  to assimilate into the majority,  why can this women’s ministry group remain cohesive with no dominant cultural or ethnic group?

What is the glue that transcends native differences?

The answer is obvious. This is a group of like-minded women, all Christian, whose faith is of paramount importance to them. They are united in their devotion to the Christ of the Bible. These sisters in the faith consider their differences to be merely interesting personality traits to respect, explore and enjoy.

What about an organization without an overarching passion? Can the USA, no longer the melting pot of old, remain cohesive without finding a commonality among its people strong enough to overcome our great diversity?

Patriotism and nationalism seem to have fallen out of favor. Liberty and freedom are distributed unevenly, depending on political persuasions. Capitalism vies with Socialism, and progressivism with conservatism. We are becoming more divided by race, culture, and philosophy.

A common faith is one of the strongest of social bonds. Without a common glue to hold our unraveling country together, are the once united states in danger of devolving into the Christian States, Jewish States, Buddhist States, Humanist States, Hindu States, Atheist States and Islamic States of America?

God only knows.




About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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