God’s laws

In the beginning, when God created all that is or ever will be, he established a number of immutable physical laws for the way his creation works. These laws cannot be broken.

hand of godScientists and physicists have been identifying and defining them ever since.

Anyone who has ever dropped a raw egg or tripped over their own feet is familiar with the law of gravity. This occasionally inconvenient law can be used to our advantage when applied correctly with the other laws. Huge heavy airplanes can seem to defy gravity, but only by correctly applying the laws of aerodynamics.

In today’s relativistic society, when even federal laws are open to whimsical or political interpretation and our children are taught right and wrong are constructs of personal perspective, I find it comforting to think of God’s wholly immutable laws.

When I am confronted by those who scoff at the idea of Creation, I like to respond with a review of The Law of Entropy.

One way of stating this second law of thermodynamics is: In any closed system, the entropy of the system will either remain constant or increase, unless acted upon by a force outside the system. That means it will decay at a constant rate, or ever-faster.

Since the beginning of time, our world has seen consistently more advancement and order.  Even those who espouse Darwinian evolution see that process as constant improvement of the various species.

Our ever-expanding universe is a closed system. God is that outside force moving to create order and beauty. It is his hand keeping everything from inevitable decay, disorder, and collapse.

God has promised not to take his hand away, but we can push it aside and fill the resulting gap with self-interest and sin.

It is the pushing off of God’s hand by modern culture that we have to thank for the current disorder all around us.

Be not dismayed…His laws are unbreakable and His loving hands remain.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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