The God Particle

physicsNothing is official yet, but it looks like the new particle detected in July in experiments conducted at the CERN Large Hadron Collider may indeed be the Higgs boson, or the so-called “God particle,” scientists announced Thursday at a physics conference in Geneva.

– That exciting announcement was in the news this week. For those not up on particle physics, the theoretical physicists explain it this way:

The Higgs boson [is a particle that] has no spin, no electric charge and no color charge, and is its own antiparticle. It doesn’t exist except as a theoretical construct, and here’s why: It accompanies the Higgs Field, a possible invisible field of energy that exists throughout the universe. “We hate calling it the God particle,  but the reason it picked that [nickname] up is because it goes out and touches every other particle and gives them their property, which is their mass…”

I was drawn to these science new reports out of curiosity, since the field of science interests me, and because the phrase “God Particle” attracted my attention.

After reading that it “goes out and touches every other particle and gives them their property” I thought what a wonderful description that is of what God does for us as Christians.  He reaches out and touches us, giving us entirely new properties and behaviors.  Since the God of the Bible has no limits of time and space he also fits the definition given for the theoretical Higgs Field, being invisible and existing throughout the universe.

I have never seen a conflict between science and Christianity. The more scientists learn about creation the closer they come to “discovering” the Creator.

I believe that our God has created a wonderfully intricate and mysterious universe and given man innate curiosity, in order to  enjoy watching us puzzle it all out.

There is only a conflict when man fails to acknowledge this relationship, mistaking discovery for manufacture.

I may discover a vein of gold, after all,  but the gold was there all along. I can’t claim to have created it.

The secrets of creation are hidden all around, just waiting for us to delight our proud father as we figure them out.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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