A Matter of Focus

In my denomination’s women’s ministry we have an annual “Shine the Light” award given to local groups or individual women who have brought attention to Christ through an event, activity or life-style.   The name of the award was taken from the Biblical admonition not to cover up your faith, but to lift it up where it may be seen by everyone around (Matthew 5:15-17).

When we shine a light on something it becomes easier to see clearly and calls attention to it.

When I was a preteen my mother bought lighted make-up mirrors for herself, my two older sisters and me.  These mirrors had a normal side, a magnified side and lights that adjusted to evening, office and daylight, so a woman could adapt her makeup.

I used that same mirror until just a few years ago. My mother used hers the rest of her life, growing ever more dissatisfied with her reflected image.mirror mirro

One day, when she was once again complaining about how old she looked (she was in her 90’s at this time!)  I jokingly mentioned how much better I looked before putting on my glasses (I’m terribly near-sighted), and suggested she try that.

I thought back on that exchange the next time I turned on the make-up mirror to put on my makeup. I began my routine search for each flaw and imperfection. What became very clear to me as I peered into the glass was that I was focusing on the wrong things. I should not be shining that light in my own face, at all. If I look for imperfections that is what I am sure to find.  That only leads to dissatisfaction and self-pity.

If I want to examine myself, I should be looking for the image of Christ in my visage and in my life. That is something worth magnifying.

A woman who reflects Christ in all that she does is worth shining a light on. In fact, she radiates light from within.

I threw away my makeup mirror that day. I now slap on my makeup at the bathroom sink without even using my glasses.

In fact, I’m thinking of putting it on in the dark.

And I look better every day.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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2 Responses to A Matter of Focus

  1. Pam says:

    you are soooooooooo insightful and RIGHT! bless you for sharing.


  2. Denise Peters says:

    Jonna.yet another lovely post. How I enjoy what you have to say! ~ denise



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