Small Choices = Big Consequences

MP900387804As I read the newspaper this morning I see that most of the articles are about either this past year’s big news stories or New Year’s resolutions.

It occurred to me as I read that the one thing almost all the events of the past year had in common was that they were the result of one or more individual’s choices.  Natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy were not, of course, but the way the people being impacted chose to prepare and respond certainly made a difference in their lives.

When it comes to self-improvement resolutions, each day’s small choices determine on-going success or failure.

Little choices can have a huge impact, not just in the present, but for the long haul.

With every life option, from our Constitutional freedoms to the free will granted to us by God, comes a burden of responsibility.

We live with the consequences of our choices.

Making wise choices requires us to become informed of the probable consequences of our decisions. This is just as true when voting in an election as it is when deciding what to eat for dinner; when planning a budget or volunteering in the community; making a snide remark to a co??????worker or spending time with a loved one; living selfishly or walking with God.

My resolution, this year, is to make wise choices, every chance I get.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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