In His Image

Since today is Veteran’s Day and the election was a few days ago, I’ve been musing about the innate desire mankind has for power and influence over others.

Knowing how much trouble it can cause, why did God include this particular trait in our makeup?

Man was created in God’s image.  Since God is a spirit, this means that it is the soul or spirit of man that is in the image of God, not the casing God created to contain it.

God is an all-powerful and jealous God. It is his nature to influence all of creation.

However, an image is merely a depiction or reflection of the original object, not a duplication. We may take a picture of the sun. That photograph, while it may be bright and beautiful, has no power to provide heat and light. It is only an image of the original.

In the same way, although given the privilege and blessing of containing a soul in the image of God, we must never become confused and begin to believe that our spirit, on its own, has power equal to God.

Because God is creator and we are each created in his image, we  have the ability and the desire to create. We are capable of making wonderful things from the resources of the earth. But we cannot create the earth or any new thing, except from the materials God spoke into being.

Because we are in his image we have the ability and desire to influence our world and to leave it a better place.

Because we are in his image we have the ability and desire to love and help one another.

Because God knew that even the image of his majesty could lead us astray in our weakness, he also gave us his word to guide us and to set limits on how we are to use the gifts he created within us.  Only when man ignores those limits do we have wars and oppression.

With great privilege comes great responsibility. What greater privilege could one have than to be created in the image of God?

I pray tonight that we might all live up to the responsibility that goes with it.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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