Trash or Treasure

I saw a TV show today about some men who make a living buying up abandoned storage units and selling the contents. Sometimes  they discover very valuable items and sometimes the storage locker is filled with trash, not just items with little resale value, but actual trash.

It made me wonder about the people who put the items into storage. What happened to them? Why, if the things were valuable enough to rent a storage unit for their safekeeping, had these things been abandoned to be auctioned off?  And who in the world pays to store rubbish?

There are probably as many unique stories as there are units put up for auction. We can’t know the answers to my questions.

I think there is a corollary in our spiritual lives.  How often do we waste our spiritual resources, our emotions and energy, on items and experiences that are better discarded? We can cling to old habits and attitudes just like the people paying rent on a storage unit filled with trash.

On the other hand, have I set aside for some future time the chances to use my gifts to serve others? Are my talents and abilities sitting forgotten and unused?

Or have I tucked away the many answered prayers and blessings I’ve received in the past and forgotten about them?  Would they be able to enrich, comfort or inspire others if I shared them instead?

We are to store up our treasures in Heaven. On earth we are to share them.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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1 Response to Trash or Treasure

  1. Kathy Tiss says:

    I like your post this week Jonna. Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on things that don’t go well. I just a situation yesterday which is why it’s so fresh. Thanks for verbalizing so well!!


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