Women of the Word

Women who are in ministry, either ordained or among the laity, tend to be women who are comfortable using words to express themselves. Either orally or in writing, words are comfortable tools for most of us.

In Christian ministry the Word of God provides the power for these tools. 

Unplug your drill or remove the battery and it becomes useless.  Even top of line shop equipment serves no purpose without a power source.

Words, used indiscriminately can be as annoying as the pounding of a hammer or the rasp of a hand saw. Trying to produce inspiring messages by one’s own efforts can be as wearying as trying to polish a hardwood floor with a piece of sandpaper, and just as frustrating.

I need to be reminded of these facts from time to time so that I turn off the flow of words that swirls around in my thoughts, even when my lips are still.

If I want the Holy Spirit to get a word in edgewise, I have to quiet my words and let him whisper the Word into my mind and heart.

I don’t want to be just a woman of many words, but a woman of God’s Word, and God’s power.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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2 Responses to Women of the Word

  1. Donna says:

    You have such a way with words. I liked the graphic — got to share this with Myron.


  2. Liz Mason says:

    For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power. ~1 Corinthians 4:20
    Yet, the power of the promise is in the promise itself. The duty of a yielded heart is to be open to speak the words that we are given. It is not on our own that we speak words that heal and change lives. It’s the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage.
    Thank you Sis for a great post, keep writing.


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