Being a Woman of Today and Tomorrow

I’m sitting on the B Concourse of the West terminal of the Denver Airport.

I just finished a TCBY fat-free no-sugar-added Mountain Blackberry frozen yogurt.

With my iPad propped on my carry-on bag I am trying to process and put into words the experiences of  the weekend now coming to a close while waiting to board the plane for my return flight home.

Suffering from  the effects of the high altitude and the intense emotions of the past three days, I’m having some trouble kick starting my thought processes.

This was my last speaking engagement as the National Coordinator of the Western Section of the United States for American Baptist Women’s Ministries. I have to admit to mixed feelings about my term coming to an end.

I have looked forward to the end of my term and to having fewer stresses and demands upon my time, but after the joy, excitement and satisfaction of the past three days I see how much more I am going to miss the blessings of being a National officer.

In my messages this weekend I encouraged women of all ages to look for every new day’s opportunities to serve and be a blessing to others.  I assured them that each one’s unique combination of talents, gifts, experiences and limitations is taken into account by God in the opportunities he sets before us. We can find new opportunities custom-tailored just for us as long as we live, if we look for them diligently.

Recalling my own advice leads me to look at the end of this particular assignment as a signal to begin looking for the next.

Perhaps the Lord will give me a bit of R&R before the next call to duty, or I may scarcely catch my breath before being redeployed.

Oh, my goodness! Suddenly, I can’t wait to find out.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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