Secret (Church) Shoppers

I read an article this morning about a program available on the Internet where people can go to get reviews of churches. These reviews are written by an avowed atheist to help people find a church to fit their needs. He makes his judgments from the viewpoint of an outsider and claims to give churches a look at how they appear to visitors to their services.

My first reaction when I read this was that perhaps we should try to put ourselves into an outsider’s shoes and look at our AB Women’s groups in order to see how we might be perceived.  As leader of the Public Relations Team for AB Women I naturally want to help us improve our image.

Shopping caucasian girlThe more I thought about the article, though, the more I became convinced that responding to a church review is not the way to do ministry. We can do all the market research in the world and twist ourselves into pretzels trying to become the most attractive product on the shelf without ever touching someone’s heart for Christ.

AB Women’s Ministries is about relationships. Relationships are about two people sharing a genuine connection. If every woman in every American Baptist Church were to become intentional about connecting with the women God brings her way and sharing her faith story with those women, our organization would be thriving and growing…and honoring God.

The goal and purpose of AB Women’s Ministries is to bring women closer to each other and to God and to help each one to become a leader in her own unique way. All our campaigns and programs strive for that end.

Campaigns and programs address “the women” but one woman connecting to another brings relationship.

Every woman you have ever met or ever will meet has hurts and needs that you may be able to help with. She also has gifts and life experiences that may help you deal with your hurts and needs. Without relationship we never bring the needs and gifts together.

Learn to share your story, learn to trust God to help you and when he brings a sister across your path reach out to her with his love.  Even an atheistic church critic can find no fault with that.

About Jonna Hawker Turek

I write Christian fiction under my maiden name, J.B. Hawker.
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